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Fellow Finance opens in Poland and serves investors already in 28 countries

11.04.2016 07:00

A peer-to-peer lending platform Fellow Finance is now open for borrowers in Poland. Polish customers can now apply for peer-to-peer loans with maturity from 1 to 3 years up to 12 000 PLN. For Fellow Finance investors this gives an opportunity to diversify their investments geographically and in two currencies (EUR and PLN) with single consolidated user interface and reporting in investor’s own preferred currency. The ability to operate in multiple currencies also enables Fellow Finance to scale its platform to new geographies swiftly in the future.

“Poland is a huge market in Europe with 38 million people. The Polish economy is one of the fastest growing in Europe. Consumer and consumption behavior are changing with the expanding economy. Mobile penetration and online lending have seen a fast and continuous growth in the last 4 years. Launching operations in Poland makes Fellow Finance a genuine international platform where investors can easily do direct investments in consumer loans across geographies and in multiple currencies. This is the first step of making Fellow Finance the strongest and biggest consumer lending platform in Continental Europe and proves the scalability and flexibility of our platform” says Jouni Hintikka, CEO of Fellow Finance.

The Fellow Finance investors can start investing in Polish loans easily by setting up country specific lending criteria or by picking up the loans from the list of loans applications as they have done with Finnish loans earlier. Institutional and advanced private investors can also invest through automated Fellow Finance Order API to Finnish and Polish loans.

“We have already seen a growing interest from our investors in the Polish market. We will continue to ramp up the volume in Poland and simultaneously continue our preparations for the next new market entries coming up later this year.” Hintikka continues.

For more information, please contact:
Jouni Hintikka, CEO & Co-Founder
Fellow Finance Plc
Tel. +358 40 5855 009

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