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The first Finnish peer-to-peer lending platform to lend over 60M€ in total

07.06.2016 05:30

In May we lent 4,1M€ in one month as the first Finnish p2p platform and passed total volume of 60M€ lent in total!

In Fellow Finance we have achieved two new milestones! In May we lent over 4,1 million euros in a month and now in total we have funded over 60 million euros in loans in Finland.  To be able to achieve this we have processed over 400.000 loan applications were the requested loan amount was around 2 billion euros. Now we are the first crowdfunding or peer-to-peer lending company in Finland who has been able to achieve this.

Fellow Finance has around 2.500 active investors who have been making over 620.000 investments in loans via our peer-to-peer lending platform. The average net return for investor has been 12%.

From now on we want to keep up the good pace and grow fast but also make sure we offer the best online lending platform to our borrowers and investors.

For this achievement we ​would like to thank all the customers that use our lending platform!

Fellow Finance team

Fellow Finance in a nutshell
Fellow Finance Plc is a Finnish financial technology company which was founded 2013 to develop and maintain high-quality, data-secure, cross-border and multi-currency online marketplaces. Fellow Finance offers the most advanced peer-to-peer lending service for private persons, enabling people to apply for a loan under their own terms and conditions and the lenders, i.e. investors, to gain a competitive, predictable interest income on the granted loans. Fellow Finance has registered users in 28 countries. Check our real time statistics: http://www.fellowfinance.fi/en/for-investor/statistics