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1. Fellow Finance

Open an investment account and select whom your want to lend your money to and by what criteria. You can invest manually in loan applications or automate your investments by using our loan allocator.


2. Loan contract

Agree with loan applicants on interest rates and loan duration in our platform. The loan applicant will accept your offer and a loan contract is signed between you and the loan applicant.


3. Constant returns

You will receive monthly interest and principal repayments from the loan contracts. You can re-invest the received payments in new loans and receive compound interest.

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4. Withdraw

You can withdraw the received interest and principal repayments any time. You can also sell a part or your total portfolio on the secondary market.

Use our calculator to estimate the return for your investment

100 000€
Investment period
1 year
10 years
Maximum loan term
24 months
120 months
Maximum investment per loan
  • Define investments per credit rating
Share of credit rating 1 loans in portfolio
Share of credit rating 2 loans in portfolio
Share of credit rating 3 loans in portfolio
Share of credit rating 4 loans in portfolio
Share of credit rating 5 loans in portfolio
Monthly additional investment

Estimated return

Gross return
Credit loss
Number of loans
Return rate

Cumulative Net Return and Credit Loss

Final offer will depend on lender offers. The calculation is based on the current interest level.

Fellow Finance and peer-to-peer loans offer you


High returns

The historical average annual return of our investors has been over 13% p.a.

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 Limited credit risk

In case of borrower defaulting his loan, the loss is capped to 30% of the capital with the​ personal loans.


 Compound interest

You can invest the monthly repayments in new loans and receive compound interest.

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With 2500 euros you can diversify in hundreds of loans according to your criteria. Simultaneously you diversify your wealth in a new asset class.

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In our online service you can always see the real-time status of your investments and cash flows. We offer you tools to analyse your investments.

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No fees

For investors opening an account and investing in peer-to-peer loans is free of charge.

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 ​Secure service

Interest yield is legally based on a contract between the lender and the borrower. You are not financing the operations of Fellow Finance.


Secondary market

You can sell and buy loans on the secondary market. This enables you to withdraw your investments from the service quickly if needed.

Investing in peer-to-peer loans is easy

Fellow Finance marketplace brings together people who have money to invest to people who are looking to borrow. Investing in peer-to-peer loans is made easy for everyone regardless if you are interested in a savings instrument or managing a bigger portfolio of assets. Fellow Finance ensures you a marketplace which is transparent and safe. We are an experienced team of consumer finance professionals who have vast knowledge of creating services in online space. We have made investing in peer-to-peer loans possible for everyone.

We build on meticulous management of credit risk

Fellow Finance finds, identifies and assesses all loan applicants. You choose whom you are willing to lend and by which terms. You can easily diversify your investments on numerous loans which lowers your credit risk significantly. Peer-to-peer loans can offer you competitive returns with low volatility. By investing in peer-to-peer loans you can also diversify your overall portfolio in to a totally new asset class which has very low correlation with other instruments on the market.

Peer-to-peer lending is a fast growing form of investing

We have served over 28​0.000 customers from 43 different countries. The amount of funding transferred through our marketplace is over 200 million euros. In average our investors have received over 1​2% annual returns on their money lent.

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Client feedback

"What an excellent service. Fulfills borrower needs and offers lenders a chance for good returns."

Male, 31 years.

​Helsinki, Finland

"What a nice surprise CEO himself calling me and welcoming me as an investor. So far, regarding the online service, investments have proven to be successful. Soon I'm going to invest additional funds through the service."

Male 39 years.

​Oulu, Finland

"The online servic as well as the customer service has proven to be first class. Custome care is clearly an important element for this marketplace."

Male 36 years.

​Espoo, Finland

"I can warmly recommend this service, as even with 1000 net income you can get a reasonable loan, 1000 - 1500 euros. In addition, the rates are reasonable compared to some other creditors."

​Female, 64 years.

​Salo, Finland

"I was able to find quick help from this peer-to-peer loan service in an unexcpected need for money. Applying for a loan was easy and safe. The repayment schedule is flexible and fits in my monthly budget well."

Female, 41 years.

​Porvoo, Finland

"Customer service is exceptional. The service pages are clear and there are no hidden costs and the customer can see all the costs in the agreement."

Female, 35 years.

​Oulainen, Finalnd

"As for investment, peer-to-peer loan is a simple and easy way to receive nice interest yield with small risk. As far as your investments are allocated in many loans (over 100), your risk has decreased significantly."

Male 47 years.

Helsinki, Finland

"The service works as promised. Advanced tools to observe your investments. Fast and easy user interface has lowered the threshold to start investing. All the necessary reports for the tax authorities are delivered to you automatically. Recommend."

Male 23 years.

​​Helsinki, Finland

"Thank you for the excellent service both online and phone. Thank you!"

Female, 51 years.

Kerimäki, Finland

"The loan service helped me when in need fast. I received the money already on the same day and the repayment is made very easy in the online service."

Female, 60 years

​​Tampere, Finland

"Excelent loan service in the case you are short of cash. The small instalment amounts keep you in control of your own finances and fit in your budget well. Top notch."

​Male, 43 years.

​Joensuu, Finland

"Excellent that this kind of service exists. People can lend to each other without the bank sector as a middleman."

​Male 49 years.

​Seinäjoki, Finland